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Frequently asked questions

Scratch can be used by people from all the fields across the globe. Though, Scratch is especially designed for kids from age 8 to 16, but can be used by people of all age-groups.

Scratch can be run in almost all the web browsers on desktops, laptops and tablets, except Internet Explorer. The completed animation projects can be viewed projects on mobile phones; creating and editing is currently unavailable on phones

Scratch 3.0 is the latest generation of Scratch, launched on January 2, 2019 with the inclusion of new blocks.

KidsAge Coding not only shows the use of objects, blocks, conditions, but also teaches the logic behind the use of these with ease, that can be later applied in other projects.
KidsAge Coding teaches coding with basic information and logics, so that the learner gets independent and uses it in his/her future projects to achieve the goal.

KidsAge Coding Tutorials teaches the coding aspirants with the basic understanding of the Scratch 3.0 platform, objects, logic and makes the complex programming easier to comprehend.
It gives the learner an end-to-end solution along with a chat support to solve their query in real-time.

KidsAge Coding makes sure that the learner has actually understood the concept.
A specially designed test certifies the learner based on the logic used.